Income Tax Rates
  For individuals and for Discretionary Trusts
Personal Allowances
  Allowances that reduce taxable income and Allowances that reduce tax
Taxable Company Car Benefits
  Scale Charge Calculator, Company Car Fuel Benefits and Inland Revenue Authorised Mileage Rates
  Investments Limits
Approved Employee Share Incentives
  Enterprise Manangement Incentive, Company Share Option Plan, Share Incentive Plan (Annual limits) and Savings Related Share Option
Pension Contributions
Corporation Tax
  Corporation Tax
Tax Credits
  Tax Credits
Taxable Social Security Benefits
  Main Taxable Social Security Benefits
National Insurance Contribution
  Employee, self employed, employer and voluntary contributions.
Inheritance Tax
  Rates on cumulative transfers and Main Exemptions.
Interest on Tax
  Annual Rates
Capital Gains Tax
  Annual exemptions and Taper relief
Civil Partnership Act 2004
  Civil Partnership Act 2004
Employer Provided Benefits
  Vans, Supported Childcare and Loaned Computing equipment.
Capital Allowances
  Plant & Machinery, Private Motor Cars and Other Items.
Stamp Duty
  Stamp Duty and Land Tax
Value Added Tax ( VAT )
  Vans, Supported Childcare and Loaned Computing equipment.
2005 / 06
2004 / 05
* Vans under 4 years old
private use *
* Vans 4 years old and over

* From 6 April 2005 if a van's private use is limited to an employee's home to work travel, no tax charge will arise.

Employer Supported Childcare - from 6 April 2005, the first £50 a week of the cost of providing approved childcare support to each employee will be free from both tax and NIC providing certain conditions are met.
Loaned computing equipment - no tax charge if value of equipment and related expenses is under £2,500, and the benefit is available to every employee.

* Registered after 16 April 2002

Important Notice
Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, information contained in these Tax Tables may not be comprehensive and readers should not act upon it without seeking professional advice. These figures are based on the budget statement of 16 March 2005 and may be affected by subsequent legislation.