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Corporate Tax : Compliance  

Every business must prepare tax computations based on their annual accounts; these must be filed with the tax authorities when Tax Returns are submitted.

These computations can reduce your business' corporation tax liability by including tax relief for all relevant expenses and capital expenditure. They also ensure that your business pays the correct amount of tax by excluding any spending which is disallowed by the tax regulations.

A variety of additional Tax returns must be completed and filed with the Inland Revenue and Customs & Excise each year in connection with PAYE, National Insurance and VAT.

To avoid increasingly heavy fines and penalties, it is essential that your Returns are accurately prepared and filed on time.

We can assist your business by:
1 completing and filing business Tax Returns
2 preparing and submitting end-of-year payroll Tax Returns
3 intermediating in any disputes with the tax authorities

Corporate Tax : Planning & Advice

Tax bills can be minimised through forward planning which takes maximum advantage of tax breaks and by organising your business affairs in the most tax-efficient manner.

Compliance Reviews can be undertaken to ensure that penalties are avoided for technical breaches of PAYE and VAT regulations. If the tax authorities investigate your business, intervention by tax professionals generally results in a favourable settlement.

We can assist your business by:
1 tax planning and negotiation with the tax authorities
2 PAYE and VAT Compliance Reviews
3 investigations into tax and duties paid in the past

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